Dec 8, 2011


Strategy is a way of thinking, not a procedural exercise or a set of frameworks. To stimulate that thinking and the dialog that goes along with it, it is essential to design metrics based on sound and practical parameters, and follow a set of action oriented steps aimed at helping assess the strength of your strategy.

It is imperative to design steps focused on testing the strategy itself (in other words, the output of the strategy-development process), rather than the frameworks, tools, and approaches that generate strategies, for two reasons. 

First, companies develop strategy in many different ways, often idiosyncratic to their organizations, people, and markets. 

Second, many strategies emerge over time rather than from a process of deliberate formulation.


  1. ... which is why I want to resume playing chess..!

  2. this is why doing the same thing over and over again despite a negative result never results in change- being to tied to a framework over actual data and results only hurts everyone in the long run... i may be quoting you on this later if that's ok.


  3. Strategy ?? I think I used it in my life, L:OL But I do wish I had learned to play chess rather than checkers. But then I lost at checkers too.
    OUCH (Not a very deep thinker)


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