Dec 10, 2011

Gardening & Project Management

Since we are into the winter season, I would rather be outside playing in the yard, I thought I could at least put up a post and picture about it :o)

Keeping on top of a garden requires endless weeding, pruning and tidying. They are all small jobs individually but if left for any length of time at all the garden rapidly becomes overgrown and each one becomes a big job in its own right.

As a Project Manager, there is a similar range of tasks needing constant attention – reports, plans, issues list, defect queue, documents to review. As with a garden, these are all small jobs individually but if they are left for any length of time each one becomes a big job in its own right.

Both garden and project need to be kept under constant review; a repeated quick survey of both is needed to see if any single task is becoming urgent.

Both gardening and project management require constant vigilance, keeping a step ahead to provide some spare capacity to cope with the unexpected. Both assume a degree of planning to make sure everything gets done at the right time.  Finally both need flexibility to respond to changing events at no notice.



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  2. Not many things in this world, started by man that doesn't need constant attention.
    I do miss a garden,....... a little!!

    (I need to watch my spelling more!)

  3. Please, the gardening reference is enough to make my head spin, let alone mentioning projects that need constant reviews, monitoring, attention and vigilance. (As you can tell the season is wearing on me!)

  4. All I know is what a lovely place, and I think I would hire a gardener.

  5. Yes, I agree on BOTH accounts Ken! HOpe you all are having a great Saturday!

  6. "Gardening and project management require constant vigilance." So true. Takes too much out of me. That's why our garden faded away back into the landscape. Good Luck with yours. It looks wonderful.

  7. thanks for review for Gardening & Project Management.....I likes this
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