Nov 29, 2010

Dealing With a Lousy Day :o)

After a four day weekend, where hopefully we spent some time thinking about what we are thankful for, we get the opportunity to head back to the daily grind.  Inevitably, we will have some bad days.  We've all had terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Lousy days take many forms.  Here are some strategies for coping with a lousy day:

1. Resist the urge to “treat” yourself. Often, the things we choose as “treats” aren’t good for us. The pleasure lasts a minute, but then feelings of guilt, loss of control, and other negative consequences just deepen the lousiness of the day.

2. Do something nice for someone else. “Do good, feel good”  

3. Distract yourself. You will better able to cope with the situation after having had a bit of relief. Read, TV, movie, something to get your mind otherwise engaged.

4. Seek inner peace through outer order. The sense of tangible progress, control, and orderliness can be a comfort.

5. Tell yourself, “Well, at least I…” Get some things accomplished.

6. Exercise is an extremely effective mood booster – but be careful of exercise that allows you to ruminate.

7. Stay in contact. Studies show that contact with other people boosts mood.

8. Things really will look brighter in the morning. Go to bed early and start the next day anew.

9. Keep perspective. Ask yourself: “Will this matter in a month? In a year?”

What other strategies have you used to deal with a lousy day?


  1. I tend to stay quiet and meditate about anything and everything except the lousy day.
    Works pretty well.

  2. Not treat myself with something bad?? Forget it. It's a three red bull day today!

  3. I try very hard to remember that I am just limiting the view of my day...and then I go for expansion. It works for me about half the time..when it doesn't I jog-that has a pretty good success rate for me too.

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  5. two words- Pinot Grigio!

    but you probably already knew that!

  6. For me, photo editing is how I distract myself. I liked your list.

    Wishing you a great week!

  7. These are really good tips, and I'm going to print them out for use with Eler Beth's studies. (I've done that with a lot of your posts!) One thing I do when I'm having a lousy day is call my mom or one of my sisters. The conversation will inevitably lead to belly laughs.

    On a lighter note, you can always try this:


  8. I think the first on the list may be the most important.


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