Nov 12, 2010

Boredom is not an Issue :o)

The more you focus on your boredom, the more you amplify that feeling.

Here are some tips to re-frame the moment; even if you can’t escape a situation, by re-framing your emotions.

-- Take the perspective of a journalist or scientist. Really study what’s around you. What are people wearing, what do the interiors of buildings look like, what noises do you hear? If you bring your analytical powers to bear, you can make almost anything interesting.  I think this is the technique I use the most, go figure :o)

-- Find an area of refuge.  Have a mental escape route planned. Think about something positive or uplifting.

-- Consider: "Am I the boring one?" It takes two to have a conversation, so if you find it bored, you are contributing.  Find a way to turn it around and be positive.

What strategies do you use to combat boredom?


  1. I've used that first technique in meetings. One guy I know says that he gives people makeovers in his mind.

  2. I've been annoyed or distracted, but never bored.
    Truly. I just don't have the boredom gene.

  3. I try not to be the boring type... I try

  4. I don't normally get bored, but I'll keep this advice in mind.


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