Nov 3, 2010

VisLab Complete :o)

Back in August, I posted about the Vislab vans (click here).

Gotta love the internet bots, Vislab knew I posted and sent the following e-mail to me:
Hi Ken,

I saw you had written about the Vislab autonomous vans back in August.
Today they arrived in Shanghai and attracted more media attention
worldwide. We produced a video about them with a range of those media
perspectives on the successful voyage and what it could mean for
autonomous street vehicles in the future that I thought you would

Feel free to use the video on your site if you like.

Have a great weekend,

Daniel Maxson
Community at Newsy

So, without further ado, below is the video.

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  1. I think that it was great that they sent the note to you. Keep up the tech tips and other great entries!

  2. Great followup. Thanks for posting about the autonomous vans. I love to drive... but my hubby doesn't. He's a van guy. He'll probably be first in line to buy one, when they're made available to the public. Of course the cost may be too prohibitive.

  3. Thanks ... very interesting. Maybe they can send some of those driverless vehicles to L.A. The absence of anyone behind the wheel would be an improvement over most of the drivers I've seen around here.

  4. Well, that was rather amazing! I'm not sure I could handle riding in a driverless van, though. I like to be the one driving, especially in traffic. I liked that line that the vans had sensor overload in heavy traffic conditions. I know what that's like!


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