Nov 23, 2010

Yes Deer :o)

You’re driving along a winding country road and out of the corner of your eye you see movement in the brush along the side of the road. It’s a deer.  

Use the following tips and information to prevent deer-vehicle accidents:

Always wear a seatbelt.
Drive with extreme caution, at or below the posted speed limit.
Leave home a few minutes early and use that extra time to slow down and watch for animals.
Carefully scan the road and shoulders of the road ahead of you. Looking ahead can provide the time needed to react safely.
Deer often move in groups. If you see one deer on or near a roadway, expect that others may follow.
After dark, use high beams when there is no opposing traffic.
Don’t swerve to avoid hitting a deer.


  1. Follow someone who isn't sticking to these rules and have a good recipie ready ;-)

  2. All good suggestions. The road we live on is a huge deer crossing, so we are extra careful driving it.
    Be espoecially careful at dawn and dusk.

  3. And those 'deer whistles' people put on the front of their cars don't work.

  4. And another reason I am good with not being able to drive anymore...

  5. And let's stop building stupid, cookie-cutter condos that no one wants anyway right where the deer live so they are not, in turn, forced into populated areas more frequently. ~Mary

  6. I hit a deer last year around this time. Quite unavoidable unfortunately. I pride myself on being a careful driver but this deer bolted down a steep, woody hill on a corner near dark. She was out in front of me before I could even react. Another good tip is don't slam on your brakes!

  7. Just saw a car and deer that collided, not too far from my house. The deer didn't make it. Driver was stunned. Good advice.

  8. I hate to see the poor deer lying dead along side the road. Good advice!

  9. Good advice. I've been traveling by car a lot lately, covering about three or four states at a trip, and I've been seeing an unusual number of deer carcases along the roads. I've wondered, is it because the deer population is up so high, because it is hunting/mating season and the deer are a little crazed, or a combination.

    Knowing that they travel in groups has saved my life and the lives of some deer over the years.


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