Nov 6, 2010

Winterize Your Car For Safety :o)

Do you believe injuries are preventable?  While an accident, by definition, is random and therefore not preventable, that does not mean that we cannot do things to minimize their potential.

Winter weather brings slippery roads and reduced visibility.  Is your car up to the challenge?  Simple things you can do to keep your car running safety this winter:

Check tire condition.  Use a tire thread gauge available from auto-parts stores.
Increase tire pressure to the upper limit (they loose air as it gets colder).
Top off the windshield washer reservoir, and keep a bottle in the trunk.
Replace your wiper blades.
Give windows a thorough cleaning on the inside (internal dirt decreases visibility decreased with window fogging).
Change your oil.
Clean battery terminals or buy a new battery if you have doubts.

This has been a Bucko's World Public Service Announcement :o)


  1. All good tips because the last thing anyone needs is to break down on a clold rainy/snowy night!

  2. if you live in the snow belt, keep a blanket, boots/ mittens, a shovel and some snacks (granola bars, juice boxes/ water) in the trunk too. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


  3. My husband and my son are both mechanics and I approve this announcement. ;o)

    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. You forgot to mention anti-freeze. Plenty in the radiator, some in the washer bottle and some in the bottle in the boot. You'll be knackered if any of those freeze.

    And keep your de-icer in the house. If it's in the car and you can't get in because your locks have frozen you're knackered again :-)

  5. I'm a computer tech, not a mechanic! My idea of preparing for winter is not to drive at night.


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