Nov 4, 2010

International Project Management Day 2010

Gantt chart examples
November 4, 2010* marks the 7th Annual International Project Management Day (IPM Day). IPM Day was established as a way of recognizing the extraordinary efforts made by project management professionals everywhere - across industries and geographies.

Have you hugged a project manager today?


  1. Why yes, yes I have. Gave her a kiss, too.

  2. I hide from those people. I'm terrible at small talk and usually say something bizarre.

  3. Ken, since I am self employed and self directed that would be me. Just gave myself a big hug. :)

  4. huh?! oh yeah I usually run from those types!

  5. I manifested a sign of polite interest once when a project manager told me what he did...and told me ...and told me.
    But I didn't hug him. ~Mary
    (actually, he was just young & very proud of his job)

  6. Honestly I would not mind a project manager, as long as he was not the pointy-haired guy from 'Dilbert', in my life right now!!


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