Dec 11, 2009

Vacation Wind-down

While not the exact one, it is similar to one I smoked last night, and will smoke again tonight.

We are on our last night of vacation, and it has been fun.  Lots of sun, even though it was a bit overcast today - but it gave me the chance to go down the whale slide and to play some pool volleyball. 

Yesterday, we had a great tour of lovers beach and the arch, picture show to follow when we get back.  We also had a great Italian dinner at Romeo and Juliet's last night, not Mexican, but awesome in its own right.

Tonight, we are going to have dinner overlooking the ocean, and I plan on having some seafood, and then it will be some packing and relaxing. 

Tomorrow, it is back to the midwest and some of the white stuff and coldness......


  1. I'll have you know I covet that cigar you're holding.


  2. You will really feel the cold weather after all that lovely fun in the sun. It's been miserable for TN (temp wise). It was 16 when I got up this morning. BRRRRR!

  3. Oh that cigar looks wonderful... I miss those so much (asthma kicks my butt)... I love Cohibas and Arturo Fuentes... Man, I wish I could smoke those again. Did I mention that I really miss them?? lol...



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