Dec 23, 2009

Circle of Friends :o)

A special Thank You to Stan over at "underSTANding Stan" for giving me the Circle of Friends award.

I normally do not participate in passing these on, but since I have the chance to share five things I like doing, find important, or want to promote; and get to pick out some blogs that mean something to me (for me, that reflects new friends I have made on-line and bring me joy, make me think, or are just really nice people). So here goes...

We only have one earth, and we need to do more to conserve things.  Do not get me wrong, I like my vacations, am not about to go back to the horse and buggy, and I like electricity and everything it gives us.  But doing little things every day like turning down the thermostat, recycling, laying off the gas pedal (or at least keep your tires inflated to the proper level), recycling, using flourescent bulbs, recycling, and supporting organizations that preserve our resources (especially the most precious on, undeveloped land).  My favorite organization for this is the Nature Conservancy, because the balance conservation and preservation with the reality of economic development.

No matter how little you have, or how much you have, the thing that can make you the richest or poorist - and the thing that nobody can take away from you - is your integrity.  Integrity is not something that can be given, it cannot be earned, and it is intensely personal.  People who do not really know the real "you" can give you perspective, but if they are not really a "part" of your life - the only thing they do is give you the gift of perception.  There is only one person who can ruin your integrity - and that person looks at you every morning in the mirror.

The trials and tribulations of life will occur; we can plan, hide, run, or any other action that you think might work for you - but life still happens.  What we can control is how we react.  I have often written here that I am a glass-half-full type of guy, and that is the way it is and will be.  It just takes to much energy to walk around dragging a dark cloud to be over my head, lamenting the things that others are doing to me, or not doing for me.  I am not a victim, I am a doer, I look forward with gusto, never back with regret.

Engineering/Science/Project Management (Geek, after all, there is a EE)
I am a geek, what can I say. I started off as and Electrical Engineer (gEEk), then got my Masters in Engineering Management, went into Nuclear Power, and then Project Management.  Being able to blend technical knowledge, organizational skills, motivational skills, and long range planning --- it is so sweet to me.  My favorite magazine is Popular Science, since it is written at the right level for a non-scientist, but one who understands the technological aspects and potential.  I believe that it will be science and engineering that will solve the problems of energy independence and climate change that face us.  Lets make it better for our children and their children, and so on...

If you have read my profile, you know that in the past I used to be a clown.  Birthday parties, picnics, parades, and once even in the circus (Michigan State's Breslin Center).  While I have not donned the makeup in many years, the personality is still there (if you doubt me, ask Beth), because to be a clown - you have to have a healthy sense of humor and be a bit self-deprecating.  There is nothing I like more than making people smile or laugh, and that happens multiple times per day.  In my career, I have always been known to smile, and when I do not, I always get immediate feedback.  It is a wonderful way to go through life.  The absolute best is the gut laugh of a child - there is nothing like it.

My main focus in passing this on is to focus on a few blogs that are important to me, that I would be thrilled if they obtained more readers, and that have truly reached me at a deeper level.  They are each unique in their own right, have good hearts, and are part of my circle of friends.  That does not mean that some of the other blogs I frequent (Jamie, Indigo, Ginger, David, Dan) are not part of that circle, it is just that I had to limit my selection to five, and wanted to provide something new and different (I hope :o)

The first two represent bloggers we have met on-line and met in person, and they will always be friends.

Marty at Heard at Starbucks.  He has a wicked sense of humor and lives in a place with lots of characters, and I dare say that he is one himself.

Mark at Stars Like Grains of Sand In My Pocket .  I think I will always think of Mark as "Detroit" Mark because we have a number of on-line friends named Mark, and we differentiate them by the city that they live in.  When we first learned about, and subsequently ventured out to meet, Mark was back in his childhood location of Detroit.  He was a great host, and we think he is an absolute Peach.  Mark has relocated, but the reason for that, and to see how it is working for him is best left to his blog :o)

Next up is Wes at Life is What it is Sometimes.  I think Wes is a sensitive soul that has so much goodness and love to give that it pours out of his page.  He is devoted to his wife and daughter, and his love shows.  Give Wes a shout, I know he would love to have some more friends.

Interested in Art, Music, Philosophy, Theatre, and many other topics?  Then you must pay a visit to DB over at Vagabond Journeys.  DB has a wealth of life experience, and his blog(s) share this experience in a wonderful way.  Pour a cup of coffee/tea, settle in to your chair, and take a journey.

Last, but certainly not least, is Alaina at Miss Alaineus Alemanac. I came across Alaina via Detroit Mark, and quickly learned to appreciate her edge, her humor, and her dedication to her students.  Not only that, but she is getting married at the end of the year, to Tony at A Bit of Loki.  They are a great couple and I know they will be very happy together.  

My final thoughts? Well, to be recognized by those you know is one thing. It is an honor, to be sure. But, to be recognized by those you hardly know, is truly an accomplishment. Thanks.


  1. Thank you Ken. I feel honored.


  2. It really does take my breath away reading this entry. Thanks alot Ken, because your friendship has meant a lot to me!!

  3. thank you! i also feel honored to be amongst such great peeps in our blog ring and have learned so much about life simply from reading and sharing experiences with all y'all.


  4. Congrats Ken. I already follow three on your list. I'll stop by the rest and check out their blogs.

  5. Great Entry!

    I already know three on your list and will surely stop by the others with your referral to say hello. Love meeting new people on our blogs.


  6. Ken,

    Thank you kind Sir. I too feel honored. :) Once again another fine read. I do hope you and Beth have a Happy Holiday. P&L Wes

  7. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for the honor! I feel the same way about you and your blog, too. Meeting you and Beth in person was a real highlight of the year. I'll check out the other blogs you've mentioned ... they all sound interesting!


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