Dec 14, 2009

Guiding Principles :o)

How do you live your life, and what are your guiding principles?

Here are three of my key principles, that shape my life and interactions each and every day.

Integrity: Do the right thing, even when it's not convenient and regardless if someone is watching.

Credibility: Walk the walk in good times and bad.  You cannot change your values or behaviors for convenience.  I like to think of my self as "The Rock", steady and consistent.

Compassion:  Not all have had the same opportunities, and some have had circumstances make their journey more difficult.  Keep your eyes open and seek to help others when you can.  Can you do something to make their life better or their burden less?

What are your guiding principles?


  1. Well, I think I like yours quite a bit because they suit me as well.

  2. WWMGD?
    What Would Momma Ginger Do?

    It hasn't failed me yet!

  3. The ones you note are certainly important. I don't know if you put them in order, but integrity being the first...all the rest just seem to fall into place. How many people can actually say they do the right thing, especially when difficult or inconvenient? I can think of a the current spotlight! Food for thought...

  4. Food for thought ... can't simply sit here and natter off just anything for the sake of a comment. But as 'thinking dishes' go, this is delicious!!

  5. What a thoughtful question...I like your three. For me I would add that I try to look inwardly on a regular basis to assess whether I am being the best person that I can be, a sort of self-evaluation. I also believe that it is important to make a meaningful contribution to the well being of others. I believe in service to humankind.

  6. Hi Ken,
    Mine are similar to yours but I would add "steadfastness." I place a value on hard work ... and just, plain "stick-to-itiveness."


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