Dec 7, 2009

Smooth :o)

Wow, life can be awesome at times.

On Sunday, we decided to walk to the downtown area of Cabo.  It was sunny and warm, almost to much so for Beth, but like the trooper she is, we marched on.

We followed the map, turned this way and that, and that way and this way, observed a local soccer team driving the streets celebrating their victory, and ended up at Cabo Wabo, what are the odds (1:1 :o)

We just had to start the session off with a shot, and here are before and after pictures, guess which is mine and which is Beth's :o)

We had some great cococonut shrimp (with a soy sauce, not as good as the apricot dipping sauce we usually get, but it was tasty).

There were some Margarita's, some beers, and a good time was had by all :o)

When we got back to our resort, some sun and jacuzzi action was in order.  All in all, a good day.

Today, we had to attend a TimeShare presentation at another resort (we got cornered/suckered at the airport).  It was tempting, but also four hours we will not get back.  When we got back to our resort, it was a bucket of Corona Lights and some lounge time.  Tonight, we are heading to the restarurant that overlooks the bay for dinner.


  1. The whole thing sounds wonderful. I hope you have another good day tomorrow and for your whole trip.
    Hugs, Joyce

  2. Everything, but Beth being too hot and both of you having to attend a time share presentation sound awesome. I'm happy you two are starting to have a good time. If things take a turn for the worse again, remember, just drink more and everything will be fine again. :)

  3. With your before and after pics...I think it was Beth on the right! LOL

    Sounds like you both are enjoying yourselves.

  4. Glad y'all are enjoying yourselves. Those time share folks are relentless, aren't they? Convince they are selling the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  5. Bob has been to Cabo many times with his daughter's. They all have time shares so that means lots of visits for the dad. He and his oldest were there a couple years ago and they went to another's presentation and each got $300 cash-o-la. I think it was a couple hours only, so not bad. I've never been there...and since I don't like to fly, it will have to be for just a day off a cruise ship. We were booked on a cruise to stop at Cabo, PV and Mazatlan the fall of 2008 but I got sick in southern CA and the e.r. doc would not let me travel. Boo~hoo...maybe another year. Have fun and don't forget to slather that SPF 40 on. Linda freezing her buns off in western Washington.

  6. Damn, you guys timing is great! You both got out of town just as the lion arrived (winter). It's cold, VERY windy and we got a snow that came, kinda melted and then came back again... we're supposed to hover in the mid teens and 20s tomorrow and Friday!

    Mexico sounds fun! What's it like? I've only been to Tijuana and that was more than 14 years ago.

    Have fun, you two!


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