May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This is a day where we stop to take the time to recognize and honor our mothers, who nurture and protect us, who give of themselves and then some, who love us no matter what we have or have not done. The best image in my mind is the one at the left. My philosophy has always been that this is part of every day, but one day is better than none at all.

So here is hoping that if you are a mother, that you have a glorious day. If you are a son or daughter, I hope you had the chance to tell your Mom how much she means to you, and most importantly, that you love her.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Thanks Ken. I also think of the many dad's who've had to be both father & mother to their kids. That's got to be a really tough job. Looking forward to an afternoon with my son, new daughter in law & her mom. Linda in Washington state

  2. Brilliant! And I love being a Mum! xx

  3. That was one of the best I've seen. Don't think I could of come up with a better comment if given a month of Sundays. Thanks for the wisdom and time. And I'll pass it on.

    The Toad

  4. Well said.............Hugs, Rose


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