May 6, 2010

Bucko's Bucks - When To Shop?

When is the best time to buy...?

Small appliances/electronics - April (discounts on older model after news ones come out)

Computer - August (back to school sales)

Television - January (post-holiday discounts and new models unveiled at CES)

Portable Music Players - September (discounts on older model in ancitipation of new models)

Camera - February (discounts on older models in ancitipation of new models)

Lawnmower/BBQ/Snowblower - End of season (prevent storing bulky items)

House - January (weather keeps traffic down)

Clothing - Six weeks after first comes out (then the markdowns start)

Automobile - October to December (discounts on older models, bigger discounts in Dec but smaller selection)

Farmer's Market - end of day (do not want to pack up remaining items)

Outside Flea Market - last weekend of season (seller wants to avoid storage)


  1. Very useful tips... love the new colors!!

  2. And mattresses on Memorial Day. Why? I'm not sure, but it is traditionally the sales event where the manufacturers offer the deepest discounts, and the retailers pile more on top to compete with each other! And since most quality mattresses are actually made to order, it's not to clear out excess inventory!

  3. Thank you for the valuable information.


  4. Great stuff ... thanks!

  5. Dear Ken,
    have a great weekend with the family!
    umm this is interesting because I am thinking about a computer purchase..hmmmm
    Please come by Lurkynat and make some comments!


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