May 1, 2010

Can You Do Magic?

Are you sick and tired of pressing those tiny buttons on your TV remote? Then you may be interested in this. This nicely crafted "magical item" can control up to 13 different infrared codes (a.k.a. "change channel," "on/off," "volume," etc.) from your existing remotes. These functions are then activated when you fling and swish the wand around. As it is completely button-free, there's no other way to do it. Each function is assigned a different move of the wand. For example "spins" control volume, while "big swishes" mute the volume entirely.



  1. This sounds like it is an item too good to be true!! Sign me up!!

  2. Awwww I like that!! Specially be good for little kiddies wanting to be Harry Potter!

  3. How fun! A magic wand! I need one!

  4. Hi Ken,
    Sounds intriguing but you'll need to remember all kinds of actions. FYI: There's something better in the pipeline: A new generation of TVs which will be motion activated whereby through waving your hand you can navigate an on-screen, 3D style menu (and I suppose you could hold anything you want as a magic want while you do it). These TVs were demonstrated at CES in January and they're not that far off.

  5. I think I'll stick to my remote thank you very much. I don't have much patience for having to remember a routine for the the tv and etc. On and off buttons work just fine. Of course volume isn't an issue with my deafness (winks). (Hugs)Indigo

  6. I like my remote. But my hubby might like the wand... he'll think he's conducting the symphony.


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