May 7, 2010

Going Green - Wind Energy

The wind farm was constructed and is owned by DONG Energy, and its 91 wind turbines in total will generate green power corresponding to the annual power consumption of 200,000 households. Horns Rev. 2 is located approximately 30 km off the west coast of Jutland in the Danish part of the North Sea. By 2020, DONG Energy aims to triple its production capacity of renewable energy. In the coming months, the company will open five new wind farms and has a number of other projects in its pipeline as well.

Some are fix'in to get ready, and some are doing. I think we have some things we can learn from the Danish.


  1. Looking at your PolitiFact polls and reading this post, the selfish interests that the display with the completely untrue statements coincide with the 'head in the sand' policy on wind power.

    Right now, the Oil industry puts so much money in officials pockets that they won't do anything to jepodarize their relationship with big Oil.

    We as a nation are capable of doing more in the way of harnessing altenative energy sources. Won't happen until either the money can be seen in going green or we run out of oil.

  2. I'm all for green energy, but I've heard that nobody wants to live anywhere near a wind farm. The noise is unreal.

  3. Interesting that 91 turbines can sustain 200,000 homes. I wonder if they are loud, I hadn't heard that before.

  4. Hi Ken,
    Here, here ... we can always learn something from the Danish. And they, in turn, can learn something from us: Such as, how to name a company. Seriously, DONG Energy? What kind of Ding-Dong came up with that one ...?!?

  5. Dear Ken,
    hi! This is an interesting article.
    I wonder how much wind they get there compared with some of our high density cities....
    What energy source is used throughout Denmark?

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Mothers Day with your family! Please visit Lurkynat with comments , how you spend your weekend and links! thanks!

  6. We should close down the windmills because they make noise? Why not find a way to make them quieter as engineers are doing now with jet planes. It is simple greed, disguised with smoke and mirrors, that runs the oil companies.



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