May 15, 2010

Critical Thinking - Choice

"You want to prepare your child to think as he gets older. You want him to be critical in his judgments. Teaching a child, by your example, that there's never any room for negotiating or making choices in life may suggest that you expect blind obedience-but it won't help him in the long run to be discriminating in choices and thinking."

- Lawrence Balter, Psychologist
Dr. Balter's Child Sense, 1985

It seems to me that some parts of our society are moving into the realm of blind obedience.  It is easier to believe what you hear then to lend a critical ear, contemplate the pros and cons, do some research, and reach your own conclusion.  Such lack of questioning of authority and attitude leads to cult like followings. 

My desire is that we go back to a society that has civil discourse, debate based on facts, and considering the interest and needs of others.  Enough of the WIIFM mentality.


  1. I think that the children I work with are very smart. But we do not have a system to held them accountable to their knowledge. My children are not blind obedient but they are utter critical of knowledge and they have no consequence based foundation to retract and rethink a problem.

  2. "Debate based on facts"
    What a novel approach!
    Someone tell that to Palin, Bachmann, Brewer, and King.

  3. The loss of independent voices make finding information increasingly difficult. What everyone hears is what those in power want you to hear.

    Conceptually, it is an enviroment that due to the social and economic pressures have infringed on the appratus that many have for independent, critical thinking. There are only a few sources for information and with these few outlets repeating the same information, it leads to accepting what we are told.

    This is where I give credence to the poll that suggested that Tea Baggers are more affluent and better educated than their stereotype. It actually makes sense, because of how much money and influence they seem to have. They 'speak' for one of the groups that don't have a political voice, the middle clas, predjudice, put upon white anglo-saxon. This is a group that has been led to believe many myths from religion to the righteousness of 'manifest destiny' as being a superior country as well as race of humanity.

    There is only the truth as determined by whoever has the most influence. You would think that someone like Palin would be exposed for the unlearned fraud that she is, but instead the public accepts her as an authoritative voice even without 'credentials' to provider her with a platform.

    Anywho... I am not ready for Notre Dame football to be in the Big Ten. There should be a school willing enough to play a true national schedule against teams from all over the country. And in my lifetime, that team has been Notre Dame.

    We will see what happens...

  4. Thanks for your comment on my buzz-word/catch phrase post. I came over to say hello and...what's that?! A new catch phrase? You know how hopelessly behind I am with the cool jargon, so help a granny out here and tell me what WIIFM means. At least I raised some kids who know how to think critically. I absolutely love talking with hearing their opinions. Great topic, my young friend!

  5. Dr. B. needs to address the Texas school boards STAT!

  6. What makes me crazy is watching some of these people deny the truth when faced with facts. It doesn't seem to matter to them...they just say "I don't believe you," and go right on clinging to their misguided notions. It's maddening.

  7. This is what I tried to get students to do - think critically. The way things have been since NCLB they are being trained to take tests. Big difference!

    Thank you for this post. Yes!


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