Oct 26, 2012

Your Reputation

With a never-ending to-do list, meetings and pressure to maximize the bottom line, it can be easy to let essential courtesies in your day-to-day interactions slip through the cracks. This can really piss off your employees and make them feel undervalued.  It might not seem terribly detrimental in relation to your top-level priorities, but your day-to-day communication style can make or break your reputation as a good boss — one worthy of high-esteem, trust and respect. 

Avoid the following seemingly small-scale (yet common) missteps that can tarnish your reputation:

Ignoring that urgent e-mail or meeting request
Few things are more frustrating for employees than waiting for critical feedback or approval from you. By neglecting to respond to their urgent requests, you’re essentially acting as a roadblock for your employees instead of empowering them to succeed.

Not recognizing everyone involved
This is easier said than done. All too often, work will go unrecognized — a direct cause for resentment, especially among hardworking lower-level employees.  It’s hard to keep track of everyone’s contribution, but a little goes a long way. A simple nod, smile or thank-you to your key players is sometimes enough of an acknowledgement.

Off-the-cuff remarks
Your team thrives on your feedback. Remember this. If you fail to give constructive criticism thoughtfully, you’ll start to blur the team’s vision. Without a clear vision, your team’s chance of doing a great job just dwindled to zero.  Give feedback and give it often — and make it consistent with what you said before. Great feedback requires a small investment of your time.


  1. I came right over, because I know you worked hard on this post. Great job!

  2. Barbara is a brown noser!LOL

    It is very hard to be a good supervisor, or leader, that is no joke..


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