Oct 4, 2012

Lightning Strikes More than Twice

Lab: The Lightning Research Lab at the University of Florida
Career: Lightning-tolerant spacecraft designer, power utilities engineer
A lucky few engineering students at the University of Florida get to do something vaguely magical: conjure their own lightning. To make bolts, students fire specially designed rockets, each of which trails metal wires connected to sensors, directly into thunderstorms. Students examine high-speed video of strikes to study lightning-bolt physics and test materials by directing bolts toward a target.

This would be a really cool area of study!


  1. Being able to manipulate weather and control lighting is like the X-Man "Storm" or my fave hero, the God of Thunder, Thor..! Cool science FTW.!!

  2. Wow! That's something else. I certainly wouldn't want to live next door though. :)

  3. This one is interesting. I love to see lightening. But the ideas they are trying to see into and unlock are WAAAAAAY above understanding and pay grade here, that is for sure.


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