Oct 7, 2012

Sunday Silliness -Worth

Worth Demotivator


  1. Or, just because you're important doesn't mean you're necessary?

  2. Unfortunately that is how "good business sense" works... get by with underpaid and underqualified talent for as long as possible and then replace them when they get to expensive to keep...

  3. I'm with Rubye Jack here, and I am smiling.
    Oh BTW thanks for he correction on my Blog entry. I wass gonna check my figures when I got back in, hoping no one would notice, Thanks, I fixed that. $3.85 to $385. Also liked the additional comment:"They like to kick it on down the road." GOOD description. (If it is an old statement and I have missed it, chalk it up to a muffed search engine in my head.)

  4. I've caught that attitude many times from the important people. :)


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