Oct 9, 2012

Political Reasoning, There is None...

File:Limousine of the President of the United States.jpg
Never attempt to reason with people who know they are right.

I have been trying to figure out why this presidential election is so different from previous elections.

I have reached the conclusion that due to the extreme polarization of our nation, that the statement above pretty much sums it up.  The undecided voters are such a small percentage of the electorate that there is little effort to reach out to them. 
In the past, honest dialogue, true debate, and thoughtful discourse could sway voters and carry the day.  Today, both parties target the base and hope to get them fired up enough to get more voters to pull the lever or fill in the oval than their opponent. 

I hope that we can shake ourselves out of this funk and get back to more of what our great country and greatest democracy ever is all about.



  1. Hi Ken -- I agree with you, it's the polarization, with each side convinced they are absolutely right and that the other side is lying. Try pointing out the facts, and a new set of conflicting facts are thrown back at you, so the question just becomes, which facts are distorted and which facts do you want to believe? Meanwhile, the future of important programs we'll all count on like Medicare hang in the balance.

  2. VERY Good analysis of the present situation. Both major candidates (and minor ones too) think they have the answer. They are afraid to look at the other 'facts' that are contrary to how they feel, they might 'waffle'.
    It is a poor mind that cannot or refuses to learn. Sometimes a change of mind is a good thing!

  3. The individual mandate was originally a Republican idea. When President Obama incorporated it as part of his Affordable Care Act, they suddenly didn't like it anymore. It's hard to get anything done when one side completely digs in its heels and will not compromise...on ANYTHING. It's very frustrating.

  4. It's come down to strength in numbers. During the past 20 years the political parties have gone from doing what is best to help their community and the country overall to if I don't vote straight down the line, I can't get anything done. Vote are now used more to stop things then to create them.


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