Oct 15, 2012

New Meaning to Green Bus

Green roofs are a familiar concept among high-performance building designers and other EcoGeeks, but what about a mobile green roof moving through a city?

A project called Bus Roots takes the idea of green roofs and installs it on a bus. The project is the graduate thesis of NYU student Marco Antonio Castro Cosio. A mobile science lab called Bio Bus is the host for this project.

The Bus Roots project uses an extensive green roof system similar to that used for buildings and covers the 340 square feet (31.6 square meters) of bus roof with shallow trays of plants in growth media.

Bringing a mobile patch of plants through the city offers a list of potential benefits, including mitigation of heat island effect, CO2 absorbtion, oxygen production, and aesthetic value. 


  1. This is actually quite brilliant. The aesthetic value is a nice bonus too.

  2. Ken, I love this! Sharing on the Farmington Dems. They'll love it.

  3. A tree grows in the middle of the city, neat!

  4. Cool idea...literally! It's amazing how much cooler it feels at our place compared to downtown. If there were a little more "roaming greenery" downtown, it could help keep all that concrete from absorbing and radiating heat.

  5. Neat idea... a little too boutique to build a big following though... but I can see something like that going over big in Omaha..!

  6. That has to be one of the best ideas ever -- and one of those "why didn't I think of that!" ideas!!


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