Oct 27, 2011

Mind Set

Describe the core concept for us behind “Mindset”?
People have different beliefs about their talents and abilities. Some people hold a “fixed mindset”: They believe that their talents and abilities are fixed traits; you have only a certain amount and that’s that. This is a mindset that turns people away from risks or challenges that may reveal deficiencies and, in this way, can work against innovation and growth.
But other people hold a “growth mindset”: They believe that their talents and abilities can be developed over time through learning, dedication and mentorship. They don’t necessarily believe that everyone’s the same or that anyone can be anything, but they believe that everyone can grow their abilities. This is a mindset that leads people to stretch out of their comfort zone to try new things. They are less interested in proving how smart they are than in getting smarter.

Can someone change their own mindset? How?
Yes, it’s never too late. In a fixed mindset, challenges are threatening, criticism is threatening, and the success of others is threatening. But in a growth mindset, all of these offer opportunities to learn.
Learn to listen to the fixed-mindset voice in your head that tells you you have to look smart at all times and that tells you that challenges, criticism and the success of others are indictments of your ability. Answer it back with a growth-mindset voice, as you take on these challenges, listen to criticism, and learn from the success of others.

I believe that mindset is a critical thing in how you approach life, whether at work or in your personal life.  Certain cliches apply; "Is your glass half-full, or half-empty" or "Don't burn your bridges".  So how do you approach life?  I say continue to "live and learn" and to embrace change.  



  1. Thought provoking, but I do agree with the last sentence. We must continue to learn or we die, mentally and physically.

  2. Oh dear, I guess I have more of a fixed mindset, than I thought about god given talent. But I also believe in the live, learn and embrace change attitude.


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