Oct 8, 2011

Great Day, Great ND Win!

What a great day today.  We tailgated at the ND vs. Air Force game.  A beautiful Indian Summer day, 79 degrees, sunny, wonderful.  We were treated with a Stealth Bomber flyover, and then a great game and a victory for the Irish!


  1. You know, I'd like to say I could do without the stealth bomber but really, I would so dig seeing one, so very much!
    What can I say?

  2. It is nice being that close to Notre Dame, huh? I would have liked to see the stealth flyover but not whipping my flyboys.LOL

    I spent 4 yrs and 100 days in that flying club.

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Glad the Irish won.


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