Oct 20, 2011

Graduate Lessons

At graduation time, students leaving high school and college receive wisdom from prominent leaders. What should experienced leaders be reminded of periodically through their careers?
1. Work hard — earn your success. 
2. Practice the Golden Rule. Treat everyone with respect, as you wish to be treated. 
3. Follow a moral compass and maintain your ethical standards. 
4. Keep learning.
5. Maintain a safety net of relationships. Leadership requires healthy relationships to support the application of learning resources on the job. A safety net can include coaches, mentors, peers and supervisors.
Experienced leaders need to be reminded of the factors that, along with hard work, contribute to sustained success: reliability and reciprocity, courage and commitment, adaptability and flexibility.


  1. Most leaders have forgotten number 3 entirely.

  2. Dag... Toon beat me to it..! Not only has #3 been lost and de-empathized, it has trickled down to where it is expected behavior for anyone who feels entitled to what they want, whether or not they earned anything being immaterial to their desires...

  3. I think 'reliability and reciprocity' seem to be the factors in many, but sometimes a little 'kick' can remind some.

  4. Shouldn't rest on past laurels. Need to earn your success everyday and follow a moral compass.

  5. I agree with Toon about number 3.

    Hugs, Rose

  6. Each one a very good bit of advice!


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