Oct 18, 2011

Hot Air!

A hydrogen refueling station in Fountain Valley, California is not only providing fuel for vehicles, but is also helping to supply power to an adjacent industrial facility, and it is reported to be the first "tri-generation fuel cell and hydrogen station" in the world.

The hydrogen energy station is located next to a wastewater treatment facility, and biogas generated from that facility provides the feedstock for the system. The biogas is converted into hydrgen which is then available for refueling hydrogen vehicles as well as for a hydrogen fuel cell from FuelCell Energy which generates 250 kilowatts of electricity for the wastewater plant. Approximately 25 vehicles per day can be refueled from this station, in addition to the electrical power generated.



  1. Wow. This is impressive. There should be more.

  2. See what working together can do!!!

  3. Why is this not catching on everywhere??

  4. It is a start, I have high hopes for the Hydrogen vehicle or a good spin off.
    Thanks, I did not know there were such an animal in existence. Love it.


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