Oct 15, 2011

Be Happy :o)

"You  live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is waisted.

-Ruth E. Renkl

I truly believe in this one, even though the price has been high...


  1. I learned from my mother and father that the only thing you get in life is happiness.

  2. i'm in the process of making some decisions to put this thought into practice with the current job. this just motivates me to keep putting what's best for me (and tony) first and then letting the rest follow.


  3. Most times, you have the choice to be happy or be miserable. Unfortunate things happen to people, it is how you react to the situation to get you through the tough times.

    Hugs, Rose

  4. Yep, sometimes we 'enjoy' wasting energy. Sometimes we just like a little pity party while we could be enjoying a party.

  5. Happiness is a frame of mind, I try to keep myself in. It's the simplest things that keep me grounded and make me thrilled to face each day. I'm better off this way. Being miserable doesn't help remedy anything.

  6. I love this line!!!!! I am almost always happy and can't complain and if I do I, just have a gin!!!


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