May 18, 2009

Living In Exponential Times :o)

I know that this has made the rounds before, with various links and such, but it is amazing enough that I wanted to post it here again.

This recently came to my attention again because the Nuclear Industry is using this video as a tool to focus on continuous improvement, changing times, and to reiterate that the "bar" is always moving, and what was "excellent" before becomes substandard as others move ahead. We showed it during our leadership communications meeting (all supervisors and above).

At the very end, it asks, what does it mean? I would be interested in your perspective.


  1. Hey, it's a Fatboy Slim song!

    I know this will come as a big surprise to you, but this choked me up. I know! :) Seriously, it's almost mind-boggling to think of how much information is at our fingertips. I laughed at the B.G. (Before Google) part, because I recall writing about exactly that to someone the other day (I can't remember who...too much information). B.G., I had reference books handy, and occasionally had to "phone a friend" and ask who played a part in a movie, etc.

    Today's kids face unique and daunting challenges. When the knowledge you're gaining is obsolete in a couple of years, they are going to have to adapt easily and learn quickly. Is our educational system equipped to help them? Heck, are kids equipped to roll with such changes? The best teachers, parents, or mentors will instill intellectual curiosity in kids, help them understand that learning never stops, and that it's FUN. Not only that, it's necessary for survival in the workplace.

    Gee, maybe I should have written my own entry about this rather than hijacking your blog! :) XOXO

  2. I don't think what we define as 'fun' will have the same meaning regarding learning Beth. One of the problems with learning is the drudgery to it. The more work it becomes, the less interested a potential student will be.

    All these 'advances' further removes man from his true nature, his essence. Techonolgy will make relationships between human beings more and more obsolete. It is joked about the pasty skinned, antisocial computer geek, without addressing the degrees of alienation (because that is what I think is going on) from 'real' and what I believe is natural contact with people.

    It seems like what was happening as an intellectual age was changing, as I think that the emotional changes are shaped by how we perceive things intellectually, that the 'neaderthal' or old way of being was dying of for the 'cro magnon' or new way.

    I think we won't care for each other in the same way we did at one time. Works of fiction, like Logan's Run, Blade Runner, where there were two different ways of living and relating to the world existed.

    That we in the United States are socially a minority in the world poplulation, it explains our militaristic nature. We could be wiped out, if a new social order took shape, and the problem with that, is we can't 'combat' that. The same way that Athens outlasted Sparta, not from direct confrontation but do to an endless exspansion of culture and thoughts.

    As always, I think there is a small 'aerie' in any culture where decisions are made that shape society. Part of any good conspiracy theorist ouvere, is the notion that there is a powerful group, The Bildebergers, the Illuminati, that really call the shots.

    Even if they are but fantasy, the fiction works are starting to take shape. And the negative aspects of what lies ahead seem to be more real, because man as a creature acts in his own interests, and as long as whatever group he belongs to is aligned with his best interests, he will do what he can to build that groups power and influence.

    In the end, I can only hope that humanity wins out.

  3. Honestly? I'm all for learning and find it's easy enough to teach myself what I need to keep up. What I see is eventually we speed up the learning process to such a degree we can't keep up any longer, it burns us out and literally runs us over. What then? How do we exist in a world that is no longer (taking a word from computer lingo) user friendly? For every plus there are a multitude of negatives. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Hi Ken,
    Oh, well ... I think my firewall blocked the link to the video. That happens, sometimes ...


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