May 23, 2009

Moving Mom :o)

As you are reading this, we are off on our little moving assistance adventure.

Saturday morning, we are heading to Springfield Missouri (Misery as I like to call it :o). We will chat and visit and such on Saturday evening, and then on Sunday the fun begins.

We will be loading all my Mom and Step dad's possessions into a rental truck, and on Monday, we head back to South Bend, IN. Beth and I will arrive Monday night, and Tuesday morning will head to their new apartment to start unloading. We expect my Mom and ex-brother-in-law to arrive around noon on Tuesday. We will get them situated on Tuesday, and start showing them the local venues on Thursday and Friday.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed, because they are forecasting chance of showers in Missouri on Sunday and South Bend on Tuesday, our loading and unloading days, respectively.

Please understand that reading and commenting will be severely limited for the next several days.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, and thoughts and prayers to loved ones lost in service of our country. Happy Memorial Day :o)


  1. Oh my......moving is always a dreaded task. Hope the weather holds up and be careful lifting heavy things.

    Hugs, Rose

  2. OMGoodness! When you are finished would you come out to California and help us Move MOM too? And the week after that I need help! Sympathy on moving and hope it is all for the good- I am still not sure about ours!

  3. Wishing you no rain, nice weather, and an EASY move!! It'll be so nice to have your mom closer!! Very nice of your ex-bro-in-law to help, too!!

  4. Hopefully when you do get a chance to post your comments, everyone will be safe and sound, and the first lines to a new chapter in you life and that of your loved one will be under way!!

    Oh, if y'all are providing interstate moving services, I would like to book you for a Detroit to Nebraska move!!

  5. I hope your trip is going well and without stress. Safe travels!

  6. Hi Ken,
    Good luck with the big move. Looking forward to hearing all the details!

  7. Already read Beth's entry so I know you all did a great job. DB


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