May 27, 2009

Increase Your Productivity :o)

Exercise on workdays boosts productivity. A recent study identified that more than 70% of employees who exercised before or during lunch reported improvements in time management, workload management, ability to deal with workday stressors, and mental and interpersonal performance compared with days they did not exercise. They were also less stressed.

So, take the time in the morning to get in a workout, or take a walk during lunch, to help reduce your stress and improve your workday outlook.


  1. A brisk walk at lunch at work is just the ticket!! I'd take a quick 1/2 mile jaunt around my office to keep my energy levels up!!

  2. Hi Ken,
    Absolutely right. As a matter of fact, my company is pilot testing a new program that we plan to sell to other companies, a new device that plots your daily activities, then offers you specific health and fitness advice from personal coaches. The goal is to get people healthier!

  3. i can most definitely tell the difference when i don't run in the morning!


  4. I work at a health resort where most of the people are involved in a workout routine of some type. We also have lectures that deal with stress management, sleep problems, nutrition, etc. I'll take a walk down the hill sometimes just to move and enjoy the sunshine. 'Course its getting close to the 100's now!


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