May 30, 2009

AOL To Be Spun Off From Time Warner

Time Warner (TWX) just put out the the press release about the move, which has been long expected since former top Google (GOOG) advertising exec Tim Armstrong was named CEO of the long troubled AOL.

This certainly comes as no surprise to those of us that are J-Land transplants and have witnessed the steady reduction in services available on the AOL platform.

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  1. Not a surprise at all. All I'm using AOL for now is email, and that may change before too long!

  2. I'm in the same boat as you, Beth. Have to think it won't be too long before I'm changing my e-mail. On the bright side, I already have multiple e-mail accounts, so this might help me to reduce the number of them.

  3. Hi Ken,
    This is kind of sad for me ... I worked at AOL in their communications department during much better days, when the merger was announced. Anyhow, I think AOL and Time Warner will both be better off parting ways. Now AOL can put more focus back on the product, I hope.

  4. The UK arm of AOL was sold of to a firm called Carphone Warehouse several years ago. However we were still subject to the mercy of AO Hell when they closed journals etc.

  5. I worked at AOL during their heyday, and it was good...stock options, stock splits, etc. Plenty of people made a lot of money and were able to retire. Mr. Case had a vision, it could have gone either way, unfortunately, it tanked. I stay because its really all I know. Oy vey!

  6. AOHell....eventually we'll all be divorced from AOL before long.

  7. I have a few email accounts AOL being one of them. What concern I have is I use that initial account and it is on many contact list for my genealogy lists and site. To change it would be awful.

    What I likes is the little heart you click when you want to send a link to someone else. I hate the copying and pasting just to send a link.

    I also think it will be gone, maybe I should figure out how to change contact email on things.


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