May 20, 2009

Science Scene - Electric Power, Just the Facts

So what are the facts when it comes to electrical power generation, and what is our energy mix? The markets in the United States have evolved naturally to the current generation portfolio:

49% Coal
22% Natural Gas
19% Nuclear
05% Renewable (excluding hydro)
03% Hydroelectric

Notice that "oil" does not make the list since it is a fraction of 1%.

When we talk about making our country becoming energy self-sufficient, the focus needs to be on vehicles and other users of petroleum products (plastic, asphalt, etc.), and not just electric power production.

When looking at renewable generation options, it becomes all about location, location, location. Geothermal in the Northwest, Solar in the Southwest, Wind in the plains, and Biomass in the Midwest.

As they say in Dragnet, just the Facts Ma'am.


  1. Why is there such a demand for oil, then?

  2. The Dragnet sentence was perfect!

    Hugs, Rose

  3. Hi Ken,
    Yup ... solar in the Southwest is the way to go in my opinion!


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