Apr 5, 2012

Potholes Solved?

The Python 5000 takes what used to be a six-step job requiring a multiple-man team that could take hours and completes it in two minutes with a single operator. Sounds pretty simple: blast rock/water/dirt out of the pothole with a shot of air, wait for operator to spray oil (so the asphalt will bond), pour asphalt, tamp down with big scary robot arm. 

From my recent driving experience, there is not one of these in my neck of the woods.



  1. I know these things are needed up NORTH! We also need a few hundred down South.
    Again thanks for the shot of 'advancement', I have not seen nor heard about.

  2. With all the money our community saved by having a mild winter,it needs to invest in one of these machines. We have potholes so big, the front end of your car gets lost if you hit'em.

  3. ... Zombie apocalypse..? I am worried about the robot revolution after they become sentient..!

    1. At least we'd be able to run on smooth roads from the robots without tripping or falling from potholes!..lol


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