Apr 23, 2012


I posted about the various locations the shuttles were heading to last May, you can read it here.

The space shuttle Discovery, riding atop a 747 shuttle-carrier, flew from Kennedy Space Center in Florida up to Washington, D.C. to its final resting place at the Smithsonian.


  1. those are nice photos of the shuttle. My BFF stopped on the highway and took a photo of it coming into DC.

  2. That would be so awesome to see the shuttle landing at an airport... the only thing more awesome would be to see it first hand up close..!

  3. A great period with some very sad moments but great successes. I am missing it. We always looked forward to Camping at 'Manatee hammock' to watch the latest launch!!!!!

  4. AWESOME photos. History blinked into permanence. So bittersweet.


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