Apr 16, 2012

Are You In The Way?

We all like to think we are leading the way for our teams (whether at home or at the office), but how do we know we aren’t only in the way? Ask yourself these questions.

If I weren’t here, would this meeting/event still happen?  It needs to provide value for all attendees, not just you.

Do I know everything happening on my team?  Do you micro-manage or just provide vision and empowerment?  Your expectations should be communicated so that you are  pleasantly surprised, but never stunned.

Do I know what frustrates my team?  If you do not know, it may be you!

Now, get out of the way.


  1. All I know is, I learned that micro managing is one work killer. I had one micro manager in my life time, and I swore not to be.
    It is very hard to learn 'Trust' when you are in charge, but a necessity.
    (I do tend to micro manage at home, LOL. And I must watch that!)

  2. I don't necessarily set out to be a team leader, but I do think I am the engine that drives everyone else to do their best... but if no one goes to the front, then I will..!

  3. I've had to work for a couple of micro-managers; they were very MUCH in the way. Sometimes I have realized that at home, I am "in the way", trying to micro-manage my kids, especially when they were little. I have had to remind myself that they do better when I just get out of their way and let them try on their own.


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