Mar 24, 2012

Serial Hunting

The average number of applications submitted per job opening in the U.S. fell to 118 in the fourth quarter, from 187 during the same period in 2010, according to new research from the Corporate Executive Board.

However, among those applicants, just 35% met the basic experience, education, and skills requirements listed for the position.

The study, which polled more than 215 recruiters, mostly at large companies, found that "serial applicants" -- job seekers who apply online to several positions in a single blast -- are one reason why the job-screening process continues to be so time consuming. Recruiters take 9.5 hours, on average, to screen resumes and applications submitted for a single job opening, the study found.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


  1. Prolly one part desperation, one part social classification, and the rest an oppressive economy that compels folks to 'over-apply'...

  2. People over apply with anticipation of getting a job, any job, they are desparate and have been unemployed for a very long time. It is so sad. My daughtr was out of work for close to two years. She finally got lucky a few months ago but in haste accepted a job just to be employed but not happy with the position..........Ugh.

  3. Not sure I believe that most of the applicants aren't qualified for positions available. I think that's BS. From what I've read and heard from those who are actively seeking employment, many applicants are actually OVER QUALIFIED for the positions they're seeking. AND have been told they're NOT hireable for that reason. People who have been pounding the pavement for work, get to a point where they are DESPERATE and will do ANYTHING to bring in some money. Even if that means bagging groceries with a PHD.


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