Mar 21, 2012

Make Poverty History

The number of people in the world living in absolute poverty has fallen by more than half since the 1950s. At the current rate of decline it will reach zero by around 2035.

Groceries today cost 13 times less than 150 years ago in inflation-adjusted dollars.

In short, the standard of living has improved: 95% of Americans now living below the poverty line have not only electricity and running water but also Internet access, a refrigerator and a television.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


  1. Every year we try to contribute to charities that deal with this issue. Internet access, running water and having a refrigerator is interesting statistic, though. This I did NOT know.

  2. We are especially blessed in the USA! Yeah in my life time, I can remember when Bread was 10-15 cents a loaf. Eggs 25 cents a doz.

  3. Most do have electricity because of programs set up to help them, but have you ever seen what they eat? Most of the Indians around here live on commodities -- American cheese, pasta, beans, peanut butter, juice loaded with sugar, pasta, beans, cheese, peanut butter and oh yeah, boxed milk. Did I say American cheese? And people wonder why diabetes and heart disease are so prevalent among the Indians. It's my opinion that if they die of diabetes and heart disease because of the food they eat that they are dying of poverty.


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