Mar 12, 2012

Everybody Has One...

The source of information has two attributes:

It's subjective (opinion) - it is an opinion that may be based on a collection of observations over some period of time, but can't be traced to a credible set of verified processes to produced those observations.

It's verifiable - there is statistically sound evidence that this piece of information is validated or validatable in a named domain and context in that domain, and can be observed in the absence of the speaker. 

There are two intended audiences:

It is for Personal consumption - meaning this is an opinion shared between individuals (or small groups) in private or restricted group. Some place like a cocktail party, standing in line at the bank, or chatting with stangers at the tennis court, or in the lunch room of the office.

It is for Public consumption - meaning this information has been vetted to have some sort of credibility that makes it interesting to strangers. For verified information you need to provide references, a bibliography, the underlying data, the analysis processes of this data that resulted in this information.

So when you are thinking of sharing information, or trying to evaluate the information you are receiving, keep the following in mind:

fact is something that is true about a subject and can be tested or proven.
          Look for clues such as: 
" 56% of...., or "The patient experienced..."

An opinion is what someone thinks about that subject.
          Look for clues such as: "I believe...", "It's obvious...", or "They should..."


  1. This is a topic that is very near to my personal philosophy...

  2. OPINIONS of all sorts run rampant on blog pages everywhere. Such is life. It's good to seperate opinion from fact, however. Take care.

  3. I think opinions are AWESOME- as long as they are identified as such. When people try to pass off their opinions as fact, they end up sounding like, well, Republicans! But then, that's just MY opinion!


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