Mar 19, 2012

Happiness & Morality

"He is in a sure state of happiness who has a sure prospect that in all parts of his existence he shall have all things he desires."

"All men of reflection, from the age of Socrates, have sufficiently proved that the truest, most constant, and lively pleasure, the happiest enjoyment of life, consists in kind affections to our fellow creatures."

- Frances Hutcheson

I am reading a book called "How the Scots Invented the Modern World", and this section really struck me.  This is how I try and live my life...


  1. It can't get any better than enjoyment and happiness in this life ~ Ally x

  2. A very wise man once said: Be kind, one to another!!!!

  3. So do I..! This could be my mission statement..!

  4. It is weird to me how quickly I can forget, but when I am kind to others I always feel good inside. It is so simple; you would think I'd remember.

  5. I like that quote and philosophy.


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