Mar 10, 2012


This is what my blog reading and entries feel like lately.

I appologize for my scarcity of visiting and commenting on your blogs.  A week ago I took on a new role at work (no extra $, but expecting a grade change).  Technically it is a promotion, even if not in HR space yet, but definitely in responsibility.

Since then, it has been back to 9-10 hour days at work, and then at least another hour or two at home.  I am sure that as my learning increases and the fire hose I am drinking from gets smaller, I will have more interwebs time available.

In the interim, know that I am lurking and smirking :o)


  1. That is cool... I really understand where you are coming from.... what I do hope is that they get around to the compensation side and promote that as well..!

  2. this is the second time today i've seen the expression, 'drinking from the fire hose'.

    when i do something new at work it exhausts me mentally- i totally understand and support you in your endeavors as you improve your skill base by adding increased responsibilities at work-


  3. Lurking and smurking is good, too.

  4. You are climbing the ladder and doing well. I'm proud of you.


  5. It is intriguing to think of someone actually working all day on a job. Every job I've had half the time was spent on the computer (for me). But then I didn't do the socializing most people do.

    Congratulations on the new job!

  6. Congratulations I am sure it will conver to a promotion. I believe it was Earl Nightingale that said, "If you are making $5 and hour and expect to make $6, you had better take on the responsibilities first. to show you deserve it(of course I heard that over 30 yrs ago! LOL). Hang in there and take care.

    Good to hear this stuff!

  7. Enjoy the new gig. Sounds challenging. Lurk all you want. Your spirit lingers. Take care.


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