Feb 11, 2012

Syracuse, Here I come!

Headed off to Oswego NY (Nine Mile Point Nuclear Plant) for a Peer Assist Visit (PAV).  I will be helping assess project planning and execution associated with refueling outages.   We gain by bringing back a few tid-bits that we can use to improve our processes.  It is a Win-Win.  

I hope the weather cooperates!


  1. Have a great trip! Sounds interesting. Sounds way over my head. lol

  2. Yes, those refueling outages. Know them well.
    Ha. You can shoot me if you'd like.

  3. Hope you get the job done. Good Luck. Have a safe trip.

  4. Probably a great program, to swap idea from expeerience and pick up a few in the process. Have a great trip, BE safe!

  5. Cold in that neck of the woods...............Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Stay warm and have a safe trip. Beth is busy making her eggplant again! LOL



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