Feb 5, 2012

Super Bowl 2012 - Game Time

For the last two years, below are food statistics for the big game.  We are getting ready to make our 2012 contribution :o)

26 million avocados – 13.2 million pounds – were consumed in 2011. That's enough to cover the field at the Louisiana Superdome to a height of 40 inches.
8 million pounds of popcorn were popped in 2011.
28 million pounds of potato chips were mindlessly munched on in 2011.
In 2010, 225 million chickens made the ultimate sacrifice, involuntarily donating 450 million chicken wings (about 90 million pounds) to the Super Bowl food cause.
To wash everything down, Americans guzzled 49.2 million cases of beer during last year's game.
No statistics were available for antacid sales.


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, statistics on EVERYTHING!!! Well nearly. My girl just told me who is playing tonight, before I took the time to look it up!!
    Hope you team wins!!!

  2. No pizza stats..? I am about to ad to that total now..!

  3. Well, I may not be watching the Super Bowl but I am eating the chips and drinking the beer.

  4. It was a great game! And I'm still stuffed from our munchies. Glad it was such a great Super Bowl for Indianapolis and Indiana in general.

  5. I LOVE these statistics. SMILING cheek to cheek. I think we used at least a bottle of antacids here, last year. This year, so far, so good. LOL


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