Feb 20, 2012


Will you achieve your goals for this year?  We are almost two months into the year.  If you had not made progress on your goals or resolutions, do not despair.  Recommit to your resolutions!
  1. Write down your top goal or goals for the year (or quarter). Choose no more than three, and be very clear if there is one you are most committed to achieving. 
  2. Dump all your current and upcoming tasks or projects into the spreadsheet. Put everything in one column, with one task or project per row. The goal is to get everything that you're working on, or even considering working on, written down in one place. 
  3. Freak out. This is a very important part of the process. Seriously. Look at the list of everything you've been trying to work on concurrently, or meaning to work on, and see how infeasible that list really is. Then look at the one or two or three things you really really really want to accomplish, and let yourself soak in the truth: you are not going to get your most valued goals accomplished when you are trying to do this many things.
  4. Review your list of tasks, and categorize their importance and urgency.  
  5. Cull your tasks.
  6. Review your committed tasks and cull again. You should now have a smaller list of tasks and projects that you plan to execute on: the items that are goal-aligned, the items that are urgent and can't be delegated, and the items that are in some way regenerative for you.
Now that you've got a feasible game plan that will allow you to work towards your key goal(s) for this year, your resolutions should feel like a firm commitment rather than a vague aspiration.


  1. resolution #1 is complete- ding dong the boss is gone. resolution #2 is to get the kid back, which we are working on full force as a staff.


  2. Resolutions, I had one. Simple to lose 5 ibs, I have been so successful, now I need to lose 10, If I keep gaining, the FREAK OUT ain't even gonna work. I is just one thing I tell my self, do it!

    All good advice but my mind culls ALL GOOD ADVICE it seems.

  3. I am FREAKING OUT. Resolutions, what resolutions?


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