Feb 25, 2012

Protect NOLA

More than six years after Hurricane Katrina plowed into New Orleans and the Mississippi River delta, a plan has finally emerged to protect the area from future storms. It relies heavily on the restoration of wetlands to cut down high surges of ocean water like those that flooded the city in 2005.   If all its provisions are carried out, the work would require $50 billion over 50 years.  

Below are the type of before and after improvements that can help restore what used to be a natural barrier.  I love NOLA, and I hope they can continue to make improvements to the protection of this great city.



  1. It makes sense to take a proactive approach to something that can save so many lives and property...

  2. We too, love NOLA. Keeping nature at bay is a very tough task. We worked in Pascagola after Katrina hit, drove thru Biloxi on down to Nawlins, lovely place and we have met some good folks who were displaced for a few years and are now back. Hoping that it will NEVER happen again.
    So yes, I hope the project can be done!!!

  3. I hope they are able to do this. They messed around with Mother Nature too much and screwed it all up!


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