Oct 5, 2010

Science Scene - Out of this World Beer :o)

With the announcement that Boeing plans to take tourist into space in five years, it was really only a matter of time before somebody started thinking about refreshments. Astronauts4Hire, a non-profit space research corporation, has the situation in hand. They are about to test an Australian beer that's brewed and bottled especially for consumption in microgravity.
One of the problems experienced by astronauts is numbing of the taste buds, causing even the finest Earth beer to taste bland. Astronauts have been known to douse their food in hot sauce when on missions to make it tastier. 
The carbonation in beer also poses a problem for drinkers in space. Bubbles that normally rise up and escape from a beverage on Earth simply stagnate in microgravity. [This was also a topic on NPR on Friday] :o)  Without the buoyancy force that Earth’s gravity provides, carbon dioxide stays in the liquid and prevents astronauts from burping, adding additional discomfort. To combat this, the carbonation of this beer will be lower than most. Since this is a stout, though, which naturally has less carbonation than lighter beers, not too much has to be sacrificed.
Testing for the space beer will begin this November in the simulated weightless environment on board Zero Gravity Corporation’s Boeing airplane [a.k.a the Vomit Commit :o)].  I think I will test in a full gravity situation.  



  1. Finally. Science tackles issues that matter!

  2. I was going to apply to be beer tester but on second thoughts I think I will Abstain ~ Ally x

  3. The good think the pilots will not be charged with DWI. LOL.


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