Oct 21, 2010

Mirror, Mirror ...

Macy's shoppers can now check their look in a "magic mirror" in a fitting room, thanks to touchscreen computing.  A large mirror, linked up to a touchscreen tablet computer, lets visitors to the iconic department store chain's flagship New York location scroll through their options, then digitally "try on" clothes in the mirror.  Then they can get quick feedback from friends by posting their image to Facebook or sending it in an e-mail or text.

Equipped with a large, 72-inch digital mirror boasting 1,024 touch points and connected to an iPad, the Magic Fitting Room encourages fashionistas to scroll through the store's latest looks and "flick" the pieces they'd like to try on. Voila! The virtual clothes are transposed over the shopper's reflection in the mirror. Need a different size? Don't grow old waiting for a sales associate, 'flick" again and the image will be resized to suit your shape. Sort of an E-ticket ride for the style set.

Pretty cool I say.


  1. I'd be scared about who else might be watching, and laughing at me because my belt doesn't match my shoes!

  2. Somehow I don't trust that it will be an accurate simulation.

  3. I have such an odd body size I would wonder about how accurate it would actually be. On the other hand, this would be a great way to cut down on shoplifting. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Wow! I wonder how accurate it is?

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  6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, whose the sickest one of all? Hopefully not the contagious nincompoop who put his greasy paws on this touch-screen contraption right before you, then sneezed on it for good measure!


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