Oct 12, 2010

Bucko's Bucks - Which Prices are heading higher???

Buyers who are holding on to their money waiting for lower prices, may want to start spending now. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics' Consumer Price Index (CPI) shows prices are on the rise and they are going to continue to climb.   Before prices get too high, here are some things you may want to buy now. The price of these items are on the rise and soon they will be costing you plenty more:

:  The price of coffee futures recently hit a 13-year high. Blame bad weather in South America and low U.S. stockpiles of coffee beans.

Cotton clothing
:  Again, the weather is to blame in part for this increase. A drought in China is damaging cotton crops there, causing the world's largest cotton producer and consumer to increase prices. Another major cotton producer, Pakistan
, was devastated by floods, and another, India, is restricting its exports.

Health insurance:  
Medical care prices fell in July for the first time in 35 years. But that doesn't mean health premiums are dropping. Workers are paying more of their health care costs as businesses look to cut costs. The average employee contribution toward premiums for family coverage climbed 14% this year to nearly $4,000.

:  The USPS is recommending a 2 cent increase (about 5%) on a first-class stamp to 46 cents beginning next year.  I stock up on "Forever" stamps so get to miss most of the price increases.  I think we will pare down our Christmas card list though.

:  The price of pork bellies -- from which bacon is cut -- jumped to an all-time high of $1.42 a pound, soaring more than 200% from a year ago. Retail prices are up nearly 16% over the past few months -- from about $3.64 per pound in April to $4.21 in July -- according to the Department of Agriculture.   May need to freeze some.

Utility bills:  The latest increase in the Labor Department's Producer Price Index
, which tracks the change in the average price paid to manufacturers for goods, was attributed to a 2.2% increase in energy prices. Electricity and natural gas prices are expected to continue to climb in 2011, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Maybe it's time to think about getting a solar charger for the iPad and other gadgets sucking power at home.

Airline tickets
:  Airlines have raised their fees by as much as 50%
from a year ago, and that's just the beginning.  Also, fees have increased so much, that there is a chunk of dollars to fly that does not show up in the ticket price.  I know I forked over $100 over the past few weeks for luggage fees.  With fewer planes flying, and thus fewer seats, airline ticket prices are projected to increase this fall and winter and airline experts are recommending booking soon for holiday travel. If you do pay more for an airline seat for Thanksgiving or Christmas, save some money by packing light.

Link to latest CPI here.


  1. bacon????? say it ain't so? not sure how this can be with the amount of pork coming out of washington right now.


  2. I suppose now I'll have to stay home, skip breakfast, and wear ::::gag:::: polyester?

  3. I just want the people buying gold to lose their shirts.

  4. Oh boy, let's raise prices since nobody can afford to buy anything, anyway. Yes, I noticed the coffee prices last week. Wish I had stocked up earlier in the summer when prices were low.

    Medical insurance costs are unconscionable but predictable. But let's not go back to talking about Universal Health care. That's just so yesterday.

    I buy almost all our clothes and home goods at thrift stores, so cotton prices won't affect me much. I'm a vintage nut, and find the quality of the old things so much better than today's.

    I can live without bacon.

    I do almost everything online now so I rarely use stamps anymore (a move by millions, which is what's really killing the P.O.) but I've bought Forever stamps, too.

    Utility bills: A problem. We watch our electricity usage, using dimmers and CFL bulbs, etc. but it's high. We burn wood in our fireplace stove and it's cheaper than the gawd-awful propane we're sometimes forced to use. We close off part of our house in the winter and use it for cold storage. Works great!

    We haven't flown in over three years, and when I see what creeps the airlines continue to be I'm happy to find other ways to get to where I'm going.

    Prices go up while civilization as we know it crashes and burns. Ain't America grand?

  5. This coffee addict has noticed the increase in his addictive product.

  6. I orally observed to Thomas while grocery shopping recently that 9 of the 10 items in my cart had increased in price significantly, and they were just everyday staple items.


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