Aug 13, 2010

Science Scene - Green Plastic, Liquid Wood

A German company called TECNARO is responsible for manufacturing liquid wood. Liquid wood is an innovative material used to make a bioplastic that ismore eco-friendly than petroleum made plastics, which are non-biodegradable and can contain carcinogens and other toxic substances.   The uses for TECNARO's innovative bioplastic could save money, fossil fuels and other natural resources.

Liquid wood, also known as ARBOFORM®, is the ecological, aesthetic alternative to plastics products.  Although Arbo means tree in Latin, making Arboform does not require the destruction of more trees to be made. Instead a byproduct called Lignin from the pulp industry is used.   Lignin is an important ingredient in wood. It is taken out of paper to make it turn white. There is about is about 50 million tones produced per year. So, this excess amount of lignin can be recycled into Arboform instead of wasted.

When lignin is mixed with natural additive such as wax and plant fibers such as flax and hemp it could be made into a strong, non-toxic renewable plastic material. The material can then be melted and injection molded. The end product looks a lot like the plastic used in many household items today or like highly polished wood.  Toys, furniture, coffins, golf tees, shoes and other products have already been made with Arboform. 



  1. That's awesome. Why didn't we think of this stuff years ago? Oh I guess we did, but we fooled into believing that every indulgence we have is totally sustainable.
    This is good news. Let's hope that these kinds of products take off and people start using them and wanting them before the plastics industry squelches the momentum.

  2. This sounds like great stuff and a great answer to a lot of problems.


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