Aug 26, 2010

How Do You Deal With A Jerk?

Eight signs of a toxic JERK:

  1. Interrupts
  2. Doesn't take turns
  3. Takes advantage of people who are down
  4. Gloats in victory
  5. Is sullen in defeat
  6. Is not fair
  7. Lacks integrity
  8. Is the kind of person you'll avoid if you possibly can
I am sure we have all come across our own share of Jerks, but how do you deal with them?
  1. Recognize when a person is toxic (this is not just some one having a bad day, it is a person who feels entitled, and they feel justified in taking)
  2. Adjust your expectations (realize they will not act reasonably, they act cooperative and caring only until they get what they want).  They cannot change [man-o-man, have I lived this one]
  3. Hold part of yourself back (do not get emotionally engaged)
  4. Respond to their toxicity by saying "Huh?", "Tell me how this is good for me.", and "Do you really believe what you just said?"  Do not be confrontational, and they will most likely walk away to find someone else to be a toxic bully with.


  1. You just about covered how to deal effectively with jerks... another solution is to simply be better than they are at whatever it is you are doing or project you are working on.

  2. I don't come across a lot of jerks in my line of work, but I have from time to time. I normally just say "Oh that's nice, like I am being polite. But I never seem enthusiastic about what they are saying. And when I have the opportunity, I say something like, "I used to think that would work, but then I think about how much pollution (insert societal ill here) that would cause, and I change my mind. It's passive/aggressive, I know, but they usually are so into themselves that they don't realize they just got slammed, and I do love the response it gets! :)

  3. Blowhards are worse than jerks...or maybe they are a species of jerk. I have no tolerance for the guy who talks and talks and does nothing.

  4. Boy, we all have shared the experience of JERKS! Just stay away from them.......hard to do in the work place sometimes but for the most part.......keep them out of your life.

  5. This will actually do me a world of good. I have a toxic jerk in my life!

  6. My favorite: You could be right. Oops, look at the time.

  7. That was fun Ken. Thankfully, I don't have to deal with many jerks any longer, I just have to read about them.


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