Apr 7, 2010

Spring Is In The Air :o)

It has been a great couple of days.  First and foremost, I have been released from the outage Tuesday morning, so my 12 hour days are a thing of the past [for now].  The outage actually went pretty smoothly, and we can claim success (on schedule and on budget :o)

The last two Mondays have been beautiful weather wise, I have been able to do some road running.  The first run was 8 miles and I have to admit that I over did it a bit and was quite sore for 3 days.  This past Monday, I did 4 miles, and it was just right.  No soreness today.  After my run on Monday, I uncovered the patio furnature.  We are thinking of having our first BBQ this weekend some time.

The picture above is the forsythia in out back yard.  They really bloom this time of year, and as we have driven around the past week or so, it has been amazing to see how many of these bushes we have in this area.  They are very striking in their color and really signal the arrival of spring in these parts :o)

We have been able to spend some time with Beth's Mom recently, and will do so on a regular basis.  She is doing amazing well under the circumstances. 

We had lunch Tuesday with my folks (mexican, yum), and my stepbrother and his wife will be here this weekend.  Over the next couple of weeks, looking forward to getting some yard work going.  I have a business trip later this month, followed by a family CA visit in mid-May. 

Well, that catches you up to what is happening in Bucko's World :o)